What Makes You Lose Interest in Your Business?

Have you tried to start and grow a business before but found yourself still at square one months or years later?...

You've not quite given up, but you have paused for long periods of time?

It's like you want to take 10 steps forward but you're only taking one or none!

And I know, first hand that this is the most deflating feeling wanting to achieve something but never getting there.

I remember thinking to myself "maybe I'm just not cut out for this"


"I don't think this is something I am actually passionate about, maybe I should do something else"...

Has any of those thoughts ever crossed your mind before?

If so, let me tell you now that YOU ARE cut out for this and there is huge chance that it is still your passion.

The problem is...

You don't have clarity in your business so you feel lost and confused.

And you're not alone, I see this happen all too often among aspiring entrepreneurs - I was also one of those people too!

But what I have come to learn is and what I teach all my budding business builder clients...

Is that, the reason why they are experiencing what I call the 'frozen' stage of business is because they haven't connected the dots between:

1. WHY they have chosen to start a business in the first place

2. WHAT the purpose of their business is

3. HOW it will help others

When you don't have clarity on this you will continue feel and act like a dog chasing it's tail and eventually that gets exhausting and boring...

So you find yourself hopping to the next shiny object - and the cycle repeats.

Once you get clear on all these 3 things everything starts making more sense, you become in alignment with your business, values and goals.

You are no longer lost because you have provided yourself with the roadmap that will help you get to your end destination.

Do you struggle with this? Tell me in the comments!

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