Self doubt can also be a second hand opinion

When you embark upon a new venture,

The people around you, love you and support you but they usually can’t see you’re vision...

And that hurts,

Because you’re putting your heart and soul in to yourself and your new venture

and then one of you’re nearest and dearest shares their not so positive opinion on it.

It’s valid. It’s not from a bad place. It’s a genuine love felt opinion.

But that opinion can be the cause of the self doubt avalanche that then snow balls out of control.

“Maybe I’m wasting my time” “This is not meant for me” “There’s no way I’ll be successful, it’s too hard”

These comments/opinions can be the BREAK of your breakthrough

They can seep under your skin like a disease if you’re not prepared.

When building your business your loved ones clearly want to see you win and succeed as soon as possible it’s a given...

But their second hand opinions and fears for you are a big part of the reason why many new entrepreneurs give up on their dreams...

So how can you take on board what they say without taking it to heart and throwing in the towel?

It’s a process... trust me!

But I’ve learnt there is a difference...

Between defending your ‘ideas’ and educating people on them.

You are not here to convince anyone of anything

You are here to help others and to share your knowledge and experiences...

What ever they might be.

And I will be completely honest with you...

It’s taken me many years to master the mental process I use where I can flip the proverbial switch from feeling offended by these opinions to feeling protected by them.

No longer do I feel the need to quit when these moments happen...

In fact, they give me the fuel to keep my fire burning

If you resonate with this post...

Please reach out and message me because I have totally been there, done that and got the self doubt fluorescent pink T-shirt!

But I am also that person who is here to help you from my own knowledge and experiences.

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