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Finally Have a CLEAR Plan For Growing Your Business + Brand This Year! Claim your #perfectfit Client Guide Now!

With this FREE guide you'll learn how:

  • To FIND your #perfectfit clients

  • To STAND OUT from the crowd so that your clients come to you

  • You can effectively market your brand and services, without burning hours everyday creating posts or staring at your screen not knowing where to begin


...getting messages in your inbox from people asking for your payment details so they can purchase your services before you've even officially launched your services - because YOU are EXACTLY what they need.

You haven't had to cold call them, no spammy sales content was made in the process and this all happens while you were brunching with your besties, walking the dog, or during your yoga class!

this is what happened to me!

Struggling to be seen and heard by your potential clients? Been there. Trying to market your business effectively but feeling lost, overwhelmed and burnt out by the whole process? Been here too.

I created my first business when I was 17, so I completely get ALL the struggles that come with owning a business and entreprenurship, and since 2019 I’ve been helping others build their brands and launch their businesses. Today, I know what it takes to create & launch a profitable, authentic business and brand.

Hello, I'm Lucy Carter your Mindset, Business and Branding Mentor...

I am the founder behind The Alkymi Collective™, a personal and professional transformation platform created for the lost and overwhelmed business newbie!

I have spent the last 5 years dedicated to understanding personal development, mindset and the psychology behind branding. And I have implemented all my learnings not only into my own businesses, but this has been a vital part of my clients successes too.

Today, I’m here to empower you to start making a profit from your passion, create a legacy and become a brand that does good in the world.


  • SELL WITHOUT SELLING - Well, kinda... I'll show you how to get super specific on your perfect client so you can create a brand that attracts those people!
  • STAND OUT AND GET SEEN - It has NEVER BEEN HARDER to grow a brand online, the last few years has pushed more and more businesses to the online space. I'll be sharing the 4 key things you need to KNOW about YOURSELF so you can gain clairity on who your perfect client is.
  • EASILY CONVERT STRANGERS INTO CLIENTS - you'll know what you're clients want before they even do!
  • CREATE A STRATEGIC BUT AUTHENTIC MARKETING & BRANDING STRATEGY - get the 7 keys things that will enable you to speak DIRECTLY to your target client/s.


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