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A 60 minute 1:1 Mentoring Session for Creative Entrepreneurs, designed to give you honest advice and actionable feedback on how to promote and grow yourself and your brand so that you can organically attract your perfect audience & potential clients with confidence.

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I see you there:

  • You're passionate about you're creative career or starting one and you're doing everything you can to try and get the recognition you know you deserve... but your still left feeling invisible. 

  • You're really dedicated about building or remodeling your personal brand, but find yourself feeling blocked and you are struggling to gain momentum.


  • You want to gain the knowledge and tools that will help you feel empowered, so you can confidently be the face of your brand. 

  • You’ve tried getting guidance from masterclasses, free resources & paid e-books, but you still can't seem to figure out how any of these will help you specifically! 

The truth about building a personal brand is...

  • posting on social media is required 

  • having thousands of followers can make you money 

  • pretty pictures, filters and fancy fonts will attract people 

  • Using someone else's proven strategy can get you paying clients and followers



the real truth is, that while the above can help it's useless if you have no foundations on which to put any of this on or if your foundations are not in great condition. Personal Growth is the ultimate key to unlocking your potential to excel and succeed in your life and your business! 


Your foundations consist of 3 key elements with the first and most important element being YOU!

I have designed my 1hr Growth Sessions to help you fully understand your 3 key elements and how they can be used to help you identify and breakthrough your blockages. By the end of each session you will leave with a new found perspective of yourself and a bespoke strategy that will help build momentum for You and your Personal Brand!


I believe that no two journeys are the same, I can give you all the tools from my toolbox but you may not need them for what you do. That is why I ensure these sessions are completely tailored to you and your goals

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3 session value package 

  Let me help you ... 

In a 60 minute 1:1 call I will assess your current Personal branding strategy and I will help you to ensure that it is in alignment with your goals and your expertise. I will gain a deeper understanding of your past and present circumstances (in life  & business) so I am able to help you breakthrough any blockages. 

In just one hour together you will know where, how and what you need to focus on. You will leave the session feeling empowered, ready and able to start building and implementing the 3 key elements for your Personal Growth & Brand, that will allow you to organically attract YOUR perfect audience & potential clients! 




 Clarity & Advice that's tailored to you and your brand 

 Honest feedback that is actionable & will guide you in the right direction  

 A new found perspective on yourself and your creative business 


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I take the time to better understand you and your business story and vice versa.

Building a connection with my clients is what I love so much about what I do. I feel that this is super important and something a lot of coaches tend to bypass.

The way I see it is, I am here to help you but I also understand that in order for you to fall back on me for help you need to trust that I can catch you when you fall.   




I review your social media platforms and give you feedback on your content and your current attraction strategy. I am known for my honesty and I pride myself on being a non-fluffer so I will be advising you on what's hot and what's not. 




I will be giving you the 3 key elements to building your  foundations. And advising you on the main areas that you should focus on in order for you to become the confident, empowered entrepreneur you so desire to be!.



Now that I have a clearer understanding of what your goals are and the vision you have for yourself and your brand. I will advise you on how best you can attract your ideal audience and potential clients authentically. 

(no creepy sales tactics here) 




After all that I know you will have some questions to ask me or you may want to vent about how your currently feeling, 

I am here to answer your questions, listen and give solutions to your problems (that I have most likely experienced myself) - absolutely no judgement!


Per session


Best Value

3 sessions 


 are growth sessions for you? 


  • You are open minded and are willing to receive constructive feedback

  • You are passionate about your creative career with a strong desire to grow and improve it

  • You are committed and capable to make the necessary changes within yourself and your brand

  • You are ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs so that you can excel and succeed in your life and business

  • You know that ultimately you are the one that creates your own success 


  • You are not open to learning and implementing new ways of doing things 

  • You see your creative business just as a fun  hobby 

  • You have no interest in being authentic or providing value, your only focus is to sell your services or products

  • You aren't willing to take responsibility and place blame on other people or things 

How To Book Your

Growth Session 

  1. Commit

  2. Book your session/s time and day 

  3. Pay and receive confirmation 

  4. Show up 

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