Lucy Cater. The Alkymi Collective. Model Mentor. Confidence Coach. Creative Careers Consultant
Hi, I'm
Lucy Carter

I'm a Personal Growth & Branding Mentor for Creative Entrepreneurs. Helping them to promote and grow their Personal brands with unshaken confidence

Are you starting out in the Creative Industry? Started your creative business already?   

Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur can leave you feeling lost on where to start when it comes to building or elevating your Brand. Having the right foundations means you can head in to the industry with unshaken confidence and a professional personal brand that gets you the recognition you deserve...

Choose Your Journey... 

The Model Momentum Program 

Are you an aspiring Model?


Stop struggling and hustling and learn how to become recognised as an empowered and professional model. So you can easily attract your ideal clients, creatives and agencies 

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No more self doubt and more self appreciation and confidence!


1 hour of 1:1 bespoke mentoring to help you successfully grow yourself & Personal brand 

The You Theory

9 - 5 no longer an option for you?  


Entrepreneurship is something you want to pursue but you are unsure of what you can do, where to start or if you are even capable of it. are ready to invest time and effort into building a business that allows you to work on your terms and from anywhere.

The You Theory helps you Discover your Passion, Define your purpose, explore your potential and allows you to make an income from something you

actually enjoy and are interested in!



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Growth Serum is about finding our way through the power of ourselves! 

It's about empowering and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves through mindset, creativity, beauty & wellness.

Get your regular dose of Growth Serum by clicking on the link below!