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Lucy Carter is the owner and founder of The Alkymi Collective.

She is an Entrepreneur, from England, UK and currently lives in Perth, Australia. Formerly an Administration Officer she decided to quit her job in the corporate world and pursue her passion in Makeup. After relocating to Australia in 2010, she went on to build her Hair and Makeup business. 


By the age of 17 Lucy had already started her first business as a Makeup Artist. At 21 she had left the UK and moved to the other side of the world to Australia. After travelling and exploring Aus, Lucy reignited her Makeup business by the age of 24 in Melbourne.  


But, somewhere between trial and error Lucy lost her confidence in herself and her business. Her passion was 'lost' and her dreams were out of sight! It was through a lot of self development that she regained her confidence and courage to keep pursuing the journey she had previously started and it was what lead her to her passion of helping other Entrepreneurs fulfil their life's purpose.


"Being an Entrepreneur is not the easy road. In order to succeed, you have to create solid foundations within your business but most importantly within yourself. You have to prepare yourself and your business for the long term".  


Lucy started The Alkymi Collective to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up business owners with the right Mindset so that they are able to push through the many roadblocks Entrepreneurs come up against. Lucy knows first hand the struggles that come with Entrepreneurship but also knows the brilliance of it, once you get past the hardest part - the beginning.


Her own experiences good and bad is what lead Lucy to create the Mindset Momentum Program.

Lucy's entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to create more than one stream of income. Alongside Makeup and Mentoring Lucy decided she needed to expand further into the online business space. After much research Lucy found an online business platform in the beauty and wellness industry that aligned with her core values and has enabled her to make an income whilst making an impact. Lucy has continued to successfully grown this business mentoring people on how to generate an online income, become a positive influence and gain financial, location and time independence through this platform. You can find out more by heading here.