My Journey

Hey! I'm Lucy Carter the owner and founder of The Alkymi Collective. I'm an Entrepreneur, Philosopher and Mentor, orginally from England, UK but now live in Perth, Australia.

So now the formalities are out of the way, here's the truth...

I didn't step into this life of entrepreneurship overnight, infact I didn't even know what entrepreneurship even meant. I was 17 working as an Administration Officer within the corporate world and had just started a very small side gig as a makeup artist (I'd never professionally trained as one, I just loved doing it and made a paid hobby out of it). So, this is ultimately where my entrepreneurship journey really began.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this hobby would become a successful business like it is today.

I was 21, feeling very unfulfilled and uninspired by my admin career path and I loathed working for someone else. So, in 2010 I decided to quit my job in the corporate world and start a whole new life and relocated to Australia.

After travelling, working in hospitality and exploring Aus, I decided to call Australia home and reignited my makeup business when I was 24 in Melbourne.

But, somewhere between trial and error, I lost confidence in myself and my business. My past traumas of being bullied came flooding in, self sabotage was at an all time high, my passion was 'lost' and my dreams became out of sight! It was through a huge wake-up call and a lot of self development that I regained my confidence and courage to keep pursuing the journey I had previously started and it was what lead me to my passion of helping other Start-up business owners who are feeling lost on how to build or grow their business and lacking the confidence to establish an on-line presence that's in alignment with who they are.

"Being an Entrepreneur is not the easy road. In order to succeed, you have to create solid foundations within your businesses but most importantly within yourself. You have to prepare yourself and your businesses for the long term".

I started The Alkymi Collective to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up business owners with the right Mindset so that they are able to push through the many roadblocks Entrepreneurs come up against and fulfil their life's purpose. I know first hand the struggles that come with owning a business but I also know the brilliance of it, once you get past the hardest part - the beginning.

My own experiences good and bad, personal and professional is what has lead Me to create the Launch Momentum Program.

And is the reason why I’ve committed myself to teaching ambitious people just like myself the strategies needed to discover their own limitless potential, so that they can finally become the go-to person in their industry and make a profit from something they are passionate about!


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