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11 years ago, I dreamed of owning my own business one day doing something that I had so much passion for, I wanted to do something that didn't feel like 'work' and for me that was hair and makeup. So that is what I did, I built my creative passion from the ground up and in to a successful business, I had no idea what I was doing but I did it anyway & poured my heart and soul in to it. The processes I went through to get to where I am today were painful, mostly time and money wasting, lots of trial and crap load of error. 

Finally after years of dedication & hard work I was at a point where my passion was serving me, it had built momentum and all was ticking along nicely.
But I never felt fulfilled or like I had accomplished something great. People would tell me how good I was at what I did and how proud they were of me, but I never felt that about myself. So I would do what I have always done with any positive feedback and brush it off in my own head as “they were just saying that to be nice”. And, off I jumped, back on that hamster wheel - rinse and repeat!

Because like they say “if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it”. True, my business technically wasn’t necessarily broken. However, I did know that I had a burning feeling that I wanted and was capable of more, I just didn't know what was stopping me and why (this is where I’d blame everything/one else). It was Only after some serious soul searching from something that happened in my personal life, I stumbled across the answer, the road block, that ‘thing’ that was actually broken and holding me back from surpassing my limits......... it was ME!

I had hit every obstacle when building my business and very much learnt the hard way. But my biggest hurdle I had to jump was my limiting beliefs caused by my negative self image. I now knew that this is what had kept me from really unleashing my full potential, by far this was the most time wasting obstacle and I’d been carrying this for my whole life!
When I realised that, I felt pissed off, stupid, ignorant and the list goes on - it was like finding out the guy you had been with for so many years had been lying to you (sounds dramatic I know) but honestly it was like I had never really understood myself and I had chosen to ignore ME.
Self awareness changed my life and my career because although I had achieved success the only way they could both excel is if ‘I’ allowed them to!

I had spent over 6 years  building my business, doing all of the wrong things and some of the right things - but in the wrong order! And I had spent a good 18 years believing I wasn't enough. I don’t want you to suffer like I did. Instead, I want to help you save your time, money, and energy and guide you on how to successfully build your creative career as a model. I want to empower you, Boss Babe to Boss Babe so you can have the confidence you crave, get paid for your talent and be taken seriously just like you deserve!  And provide you with the skills  so you can effectively choose & accept clients/jobs that YOU want to work with.

The Alkymi Collective, is a creation of all my failures and wins, experiences good and bad within the creative industry but just as importantly, it is about the ultimate Mindset shift that changed my life and my career! 


I created a formula to eliminate and streamline all of this for you. Building your dreams and achieving your goals should not be overwhelming, confusing or soul crushing.

Whether you are brand new to Modelling or have been doing this as a hobby for a while and want to start taking it seriously, I can help you build a sustainable business & reputable brand and help you grow & excel as a SUCCESSFUL (switched-on) Model.