Helping small business owners to build and

grow their brands and develop the C.E.O™ mindset so they can become the go-to person in their industry and make a profit from something they are passionate about!

Hi, I'm Lucy Carter.

I am the founder behind The Alkymi Collective™, a personal and professional transformation platform created for lost and overwhelmed small business ! I have spent the last 5 years dedicated to understanding personal development, mindset and the psychology behind branding. And I have implemented all my learnings not only into my own businesses, but this has been a vital part of my clients successes too. Today, i'm here to bring psychology and business development together and to empower you to pursue your passion for entrepreneurship and build purposeful brands that leave a legacy.

I started working with Lucy to get myself out of a stagnant rutt! Her very personable approach drew me in and it felt so organic. Prior to starting this program I was lacking self confidence in my ability to be a business owner, I was stalling from launching my business believing that everything had to be perfect and I had to know everything first. My biggest realisation through all of this has been that I, myself am the only one getting in the way of my ability to run a successful business. Mindset is everything, acknowledging the fears and working through them. Making a step toward that goal every day and not giving up. Now that I understand that, I truly believe I'm more than capable of achieving my dream to work for myself doing what I love! I just need to put in the effort and believe in myself.

- Ashleigh Innes

Founder of

Talvi Artisan Jewellery

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Transform Your Passion and Yourself in to a successful Business & Brand with the Launch Momentum.

Building and Growing a Brand is a whole lot more than just your business name or logo and it's not just about making money either. It's about creating something that gives you a fulfilling purpose in your life and makes a positive difference to others in someway.

The Launch Momentum is your step-by-step guide that will help you to become known as an expert, a thought leader and an industry player in your field. Most importantly, it enables you to build a brand as a 'real human being' that people want to know, trust, learn from—and of course, buy from.

I knew from the moment I engaged with Lucy's Instagram and Facebook posts that she would be able to help guide me into a fresh new future for my business.

I was inspired by her energy, her focus and desire to bring forward my inner confidence that was lacking in myself to create a successful business.

Lucy was an amazing mentor, her attention to detail about me as a woman and the direction I wanted to go in really helped open my eyes to the potential within me.

I cannot thank Lucy enough for going above and beyond for me and my new business, the amount of time and effort she puts into her work is second to none, I highly recommend that Lucy become the mentor you've been searching for... you won't be disappointed.

- Laura Carter

Founder of

The Lyrical Body Pilates


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